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Subway surfers the most wanted game application is a master creation of Kiloo and SYBO of Denmark. Subway surfer is a mobile game firstly launched in 2012, is supported by both android and iOS platforms. It is the first game that records to be downloaded billions of times as per the stats of Andy and SYBO reports. This game is developed through a unity game engine and is supported by iPad, iPod, Kindle, Android, and windows phone. It is one of the best adventure games for all age groups with an endless running character GRAFFITI, the main artist of the game who is finding an escape from the inspector and his dog against the tagging charge on the railway station. The game is simple to use by just touching the screen. The background of the game is full of adventures and obstacles like a real-world where Graffiti runs through a number of obstacles bypassing each obstacle the graffiti wins some gold coins, power-ups, and other related items. The game is based on some dodging collisions with trains and other objects that Graffiti needs to pass safely, moreover, Graffiti can also jump on top of the trains and use hoverboards to get escape from the inspector throughout the game. The game becomes more fun when each and every game character is in circulation to search and escape from each other. Its interface is nonstop able it only stops where the character crashes through any of the designed obstacles, getting caught by the inspector or getting hit by a train. To make the game more exciting Special events, such as the Weekly Hunt, and world tours are added in the latest versions that result in in-game rewards and characters. Funny and fun games: The game is full of excitement bypassing each obstacle in the game and collecting coins. This game is full of fun especially saving the graffiti from the inspector, passing through the obstacles, and collecting gold coins as game rewards. For Kids Who Love Action And Adventure: This game is the most favorite game of kids especially for those who love action in their life and adventure. Its user interface is kids friendly. Kids can easily play with this game just by touching the screen and running the graffiti through a number of obstacles. The game is divided into a number of grades from easy to hard so it is easy for kids to learn the difficulty level gradually bypassing each obstacle. The specialty of this game is that it is against the violence standards set by the community so, this game is safe and healthy for the kids. Best action application: The game interface is built like action games where the graffiti as an action artist saves himself from the inspector and his dog by doing a number of actions and stunts passing through the trains, jumping on the trains using hoverboard and many other tools.

Subway Surfer 2021 Screenshots

Subway Surfer
Subway Surfer

Subway Surfer Releases and versions Info

The first version of this game is released on 24th May 2012 till now it has a number of versions with more power and exciting features based on hunting, world tours, etc. the latest version of the game issued on April 22, 2021, is ready for:
  1. Takeoffs and join the Subway Surfers World Tour in Houston.
  2. Put on your space suit and get ready to meet Buzz, the new galactic surfer.
  3. Blast through an out-of-this-world subway on the new Shuttle board
  4. Go for the full outer space experience with cosmic sales and offers in the Shop
  5. Collect Tokens to unlock amazing rewards in the Season Hunt
On the whole, the game is fun to play and learn some basic lessons of life with technical and analytical reasoning along with self-discipline and self-directions to meet self emotional stability. You can enjoy the game with all its flavor whatever age group you have. The game is available on the android play store as well as on the apple store. Or you can easily download the latest version just by clicking the link

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