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Create Free Website Make On Your Phone In Minutes ⚡️ Easy Website Builder Android App

Create a web build on your phone in minutes with a fun, fast, easy and free Malikshak website builder. Militia websites are always easy to create and update. No desktop, design or web building skills required. All you need is your smartphone and the Malcolm app.

Turn your ‘link in bio’ into a beautiful Malaysian website to say more, sell more and share more than all social media bios, including: Instagram, TechTech and SnapChat. However, Yolo – you only link once!

The Malcolm Web Builder app is easier than the Drag and Drop website builder. Create a Malcolm Website on your smartphone in four easy steps!

#1 Pick a Card

The cards are on your landlord’s website. Viewers can swipe between each card like an Instagram story. Each type of card has a special bay for all the content you want to share or sell online.

#2 Add your content

Personalize each card with your text, photos, GIFs, YouTube videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, contact details, promotions, links and more!

#3 Shake up your look

‘Shake it’ to select the best view for this card. Customize with custom colors, fonts, logos, banner images or display images. All visual designs are beautiful, professional and mobile responsive.

#3 Publish and share

Once you’ve created your own website, publish it online for free. Then add a ‘link in bio’ to all your social profiles, including: Instagram, Tic Tac Toe and SnapChat. Plus anywhere else you want to connect your followers with your shiny new Militia website – easy!

If you are a beginner or a web fan, you can start your own Militia website online in minutes! Create your own online brand and grow your business along the way with the Malcolm Web Builder App.

What if I already have a website?

Your landlord’s website can be linked to your only website or your existing website. Allow your followers to now easily navigate and access everything you offer from your “biolink”.

Love stats?

Focus on the performance of your website with insights. Follow Card Views and Link Click Analytics to Optimize Your Own Website – FREE!

You can use a Milkshake website to…

– Introduce yourself and what surprises you
– Share your services, products, passion projects, announcements, testimonials and social profiles
– Keep track of your latest blog posts, podcast episodes, eBooks and resources
– Promote your YouTube videos and channel to convert your followers into customers
– Offer your best preferences, fave purchases, must-do & must-haves
– Explain your latest and greatest work
– Start your new business project
– Get new bookings and customers
+ More is coming your way!

You can share a Milkshake website on…

-All your favorite social networks, including: Instagram, Tic Tac Toe, SnapChat, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, WhatsApp and WhatsApp.
-Business cards, email signatures, brochures, posters, online profiles and listings
-Portfolio sites, resumes and media kits
+Wherever your followers and customers want to learn more about you!




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