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Video editors are becoming more trendy due to the social media race of fan following. Social media influencers are always in a search to find an updated and advanced package of video editing applications to create, edit and share their videos with their followers to lead their competitors, Funimate is a free video editor is one complete package with easy to use advanced tools.

Now the video sharing and memes creating is trendiest on social media like facebook, tiktok, YouTube snapchat and snack videos it’s all easy and quick with pro video editors. Video editing was a hectic job to do on PC with fewer editing tools. Now in the race of smartphones the video editing apps are becoming more functional to facilitate the young video editors. Either you are a professional or beginner, Funimate is for you with its fascinating graphics features and customized animation effects that are ready to use with one click.

Funimate is a creation of AVCR inc is the most downloaded video application with round about 10 million download from Google Store due to its easy to use and easy to modify editing tools that gives you quick and easy cut and resize facility, you can sharpen your video lights as per your demands with the customized lights effects as well as you can use the built in collection of audio songs and free templates to make an effective use to show your talent with one go Montage pro and Alight Motion App.

Funimate video editing app for android makes it easy for the young editor to do the toughest job of editing in an easier way by just swipe, drag and drop features. With the cool and easy to use editing feature of Funimate, now editing jobs are trendier because it makes it easy to create your videos on all the social media sites to rock and roll in a seamless manner that aims to enhance your editing experience. The plus advantage goes to its user-friendly interface that a common user can easily get expertise over this app and create a masterpiece of editing.

Features of Funimate:

These are the features of a video application that leads video editors within their competitors:

Easy control over editing tools:

Funimate is the first most common choice of common users to professionals. Most of the people used only basic tools of an editing app such as the cut, rotate, and brightness tools and Funimate Pro possesses all these features. These simple tools do a great job of editing your videos

Video effects:

The only editing feature that leads a video editor among other video editors is video effects that make your video really chic. The Funimate Pro Apk Video app gives you access to over hundred plus advanced video effects. Each of them is unique and will add an extra level of light and effect to your video. While using Funimate you do not need to look for another video tool for visual effects like professionals, Funimate Pro has every effect you want to use.

Create your own customized effects:

Funimate has a vast range of built in video effects features but it also offers you to customize your own effects to create a unique look to your work. In Funimate Pro, you can create your own effects from your photos collection on your phone. It gives you complete flexibility to create anything you want with no limit no hurdle.

Add music to videos:

Funimate Pro allows you to add music to your videos from the built-in collection or from your mobile’s collection; both options are readily available at Funimate . This means that you can upload straight from your phone to the app and it will be added. Add music so you can create more chic and fun videos. But why limit to mixing one song when Funimate offers you to mix multiple songs in one video. It also adds voice overs when you need to! You can freely do so in Funimate Pro.

Emoji, stickers creates fancy text:

We all know that emojis, stickers and text are trendy in any video to give an instantly cool look. Funimate video editor free for android gives you free access to 1000+ free emoji , now video editors are free to play with these emojis to create cool and fantastic looks that lit your videos on the fire to get maximum followers. It helps you to express your feelings in videos that are hard to communicate without them. Also, you can subtitle your videos if necessary. This will actually increase your videos since most viewers have their phone volume turned down always. Then, add necessary texts to your videos to show personality to your homemade edits.

Video loops:

If you are fond of making videos on tiktok, you’ll find that the video loops feature in Funimate Pro will be helpful to easily edit tikto videos! If you ever need to make short video edits, Funimate Pro is your best friend!

Music Video community:

One of the most unique features of Funimate Pro is that it has its own music video community! Yes, you can edit your music videos and share them with the Funimate users for free. Be creative, show all your funny or cool creativity and win the hearts of your followers! Amaze them with your amazing editing skills in Funimate Pro

High-quality exports:

If you ask any professional for the best feature to choose a video app the answer will be the high quality export video editing apps, the quality of the exports matter the most. And that’s exactly what Funimate Pro offers with high quality export. It exports your videos in the highest quality possible if you so choose.

Funimate watermark free video edits:

If you want to create stunning videos easily, Funimate Pro is the app for you! However, the free version has a watermark. Don’t worry, just download the no watermark mod and you’re good to go.

How to use Funimate?

Do not worry it’s all easy and handy to use. Even if you face any hesitation to use this chic video editing app then just have extra hard work of Funimate for you to make an easy to use tutorial. This tutorial will surely make you an expert in Funimate so you do not need any other software for your video editing passion that leads you to the editing profession.

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