Finding The Best Strategy Apps For The Apple iPhone


Many are beginning to wonder which of the apps on the Apple Store are the best strategy apps for learning how to trade stocks. There is a bewildering array of choices, many of them free or for a very modest fee. Some of the better known names in the trading category include Quicken, TradeStation and Macromedia. All three have options that allow the user to download their own version of the best strategy apps for learning how to trade stocks.

For those just getting into investing, a free demo account allows one to build a baseline of knowledge and experience before moving forward with a real money account. These demos are available from each of the three leading companies. They can be downloaded free of charge and provide a good insight into the various options that are available on the market and how they work. After developing a reasonable comfort level, it is then time to consider a paid app, and this is where the free demos come into play.

The main draw of these apps is the ease of use they bring to the table. Each has their particular quirks and that is part of the learning process, but none are beyond the reach of most people. A few notable examples are Family Stick, Share Trader and Penny Stock Prophet. All have free trials and ease of use is not an issue, unlike many of the paid products out there.

Finding The Best Strategy Apps

Of course, some are happy to pay for a paid app because they know they will get quicker results, especially if they have put considerable time and effort into learning how to properly analyze the stock market. However, there are many who believe that the freebies are much better for those new to the world of share trading. The reason for this is because one does not need to worry about any technical information in these apps and therefore is a much more unbiased experience. This is especially true of the free demos, as they allow one to simply get a feel for the various aspects of the stock market without being slowed down by technical jargon or difficult numbers and graphs. There is also no loss of sleep as one does not have to spend too much time understanding how the app works.

The best strategy apps are those which focus on a single method of investing in shares or stocks. For example, Family Stick focuses on cash value investing, where the app provides tips and advice on when is the best time to buy or sell stocks. Share Trader is another which focuses on penny stock investing, although it emphasizes that one must be well versed in the trading basics. Penny stock investing can be risky, so having the app with the highest level of success is paramount.

These are all great apps for beginners. However, there are also those which focus on more complex strategies. For example, Penny Stock Prophet focuses on one particular method of investing and uses complex algorithms to back up its claims. By doing this, investors are able to remain on top of changing trends and are able to maximize their earnings. This app is also great for those who are already experienced but would still like to brush up their strategies.


In addition to these two examples, there are also a number of other best strategy apps available today. They are mostly spread around the iPhone platform. These apps focus primarily on providing information on how to trade stocks or options, with the app offering recommendations based on its analysis and personal experience. Many of them also offer educational tools including videos as well as text-based guides for investors to read about the stock market and how to make decisions.

To find the best strategy apps, it is best to look at reviews from actual users. Users can give their thoughts on the functionality of an app, whether or not it is worth the money and look for recommendations from other people. There are a lot of reviews available online, so looking through them all will certainly be helpful. This way, anyone can find the right app for their needs. Best of all, it can be done without having to spend a penny! This is what makes investing in the stock market fun and exciting!


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